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Get current market rates for building construction resources such as materials, labours, equipment & machineries which are shared by a highly experienced working professional in the field 


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Benefits You Will Get By This E-book 

Benefits of the "Current Market Rate" E-book, Its value in providing accurate rates, eliminating errors, saving time, empowering estimators, impressing clients, and maximizing profitability.

Accurate and Up-to-Date Market Rates

Get the most precise and up-to-date market rates for construction materials, labor, equipment, and machinery.

Eliminate Estimation Errors

Say goodbye to costly estimation errors and ensure your quotes are precise and competitive.

Save Time and Effort

Access all the necessary information in one convenient resource, saving you hours of research.

Empower Novice Estimators

Gain the knowledge and tools needed to estimate project costs accurately, even without prior on-site experience.

Impress Clients & Win Projects

Deliver professional and precise cost quotations that impress clients and win more projects.

Maximize Profitability

Charge the right price, avoid surprises, and ensure maximum profitability on every job.


Don't let the unavailability of market rates for construction resources hinder your success as a civil engineer or building contractor! We understand that many professionals in the field have not been directly involved in purchase activities or worked on-site, making it challenging to obtain accurate pricing information. It can be frustrating to search for reliable sources that provide comprehensive rates for all resources in one place. But fear not! We have a solution for you – our "Current Market Rate" E-book.
Join the ranks of hundreds of satisfied professionals who have transformed their estimation process with this invaluable resource. With our E-book, you'll arm yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to calculate accurate project costs with confidence. No longer will you have to rely on incomplete or uncertain sources. Instead, you can rely on our E-book as your go-to resource for accurate cost quotations.
Impress your clients with precise and competitive pricing, while eliminating estimation errors that may have plagued your projects in the past. Our friendly and comprehensive E-book will empower you to take control of your estimation process, ensuring that you deliver accurate quotes every time.
Don't let the unavailability of market rates hold you back. Invest in your career as a civil engineer or building contractor today and unlock your full potential. Get your hands on our "Current Market Rate" E-book and see the difference it can make in your estimation process. Take the first step toward success and confidently provide accurate cost quotations to your clients.

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All Rates In One Convenient Resource.

Discover accurate market rates for construction materials, labor, equipment & machinery at one single place & Save precious time & effort by eliminating the need to search multiple sources for rates. We've done it for you!

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